Casual makeup

I usually create my casual make-up according to the ideas of the customer or the guest, and we always discuss this in advance. If you completely entrust yourself to me, I will conjure up a creation for your skin that suits the occasion, your style and your age.
I use quality products and work with a unique technique; these two make my makeup last 24 hours.

Casual makeup

Occasional make-up gives a look that can usually be used to achieve a festive, casual effect. This includes proper hydration, foundation, shaping eyebrows, using eyeliner and ink with stronger, more pronounced shades for a more dramatic effect, and finally mascara/false eyelashes and lips, which can be more subdued or stronger depending on the guest’s style.

Time: around 60 mins.
Price: 9.000 Ft

I provide the 40+ age group with up-to-date trends a wonderful look, I took part in a special anti-aging training with Dominique Roberts, and I am very proud that my mother was my model, I created a beautiful purple color makeup, suitable for her type.

What is very important to note is that when applying make-up to older skin, I apply a little less of everything, and I do not work with the same products in many cases.

Small wrinkles should not be emphasized, but covered. For this, it is necessary to know the use of materials and how much of what can be used. Almost only matte colors can be used for this age group, shiny things accentuate the signs of aging.

It is also important for the occasional make-up of happy mothers to be very durable, and we will always discuss what kind of clothes and accessories she will wear.


Specializing in eye care, this unique pair results in a fresh and alert look. LumiSpa, the perfect complement to the award-winning device; the LumiSpa Accent Head with a silicone tip treats even hard-to-reach areas while gently exfoliating and invigorating the sensitive skin around the eyes. When used in conjunction with IdealEyes Eye Care, it reduces under-eye circles and puffiness while tightening the skin and visibly lifting the eyelids.

LumiSpa works with Two-Sense Motion technology, the silicone head works together with the facial cleanser to remove dirt, impurities, grease and makeup to prevent skin aging and promote a youthful glow.