Eyebrow tattoo

I recommend the powdered, satirized and very natural-looking eyebrow tattoo technique to those who want a make-up, natural-looking look. A beautifully drawn shape makes every woman more confident. If you have any questions, I am at your disposal by phone or let’s talk in person,  in Kecskeméten at my saloon.


When choosing a color, in addition to the color of your hair and eyebrows, we examine the color and undertone of your skin. The pigments I use are NPM premium quality pigments.

The ideal color of an eyebrow tattoo is largely determined by the color of your hair.

  • For black hair the deep, dark brown shades look good.
  • For brown hair the neutral-toned medium-strength brown color is recommended.
  • For blonde hair I use lighter shades of brown.
  • For red hair the shades of light brown are recommended, which are shades warmer than yellow and red pigments.

Ombre eyebrow tattoo

If you have a worn-out eyebrow, or a very unfavorably plucked, incomplete, unevenly arched, too thin eyebrow, it can also be beautifully supplemented with this.

The wrong shape can often give a not very favorable facial expression, but with well-designed eyebrows you can even achieve a rejuvenating effect.

The most suitable curve can be drawn for every face shape and bone structure.

It doesn’t matter where it starts, how long it is, where the highest point of the upper arc and the end point are. This process requires a very complex knowledge, for me the preliminary drawing takes 1.5 hours.

Time: around. 3,5-4 hour

Price: 59.000 Ft
Includes correction within 12 weeks.

The prices include the correction within 12 weeks, and the upgrade within 1.5 years is 50% of the full price.

Repairing an old eyebrow tattoo

When your old make-up tattoo has worn off or been damaged, not in all cases, but there is a solution to these problems with cover colors. With the right technology, beautiful results can also be achieved in such cases.

Your old discolored or damaged eyebrow tattoo will be replaced by a new eyebrow tattoo perfectly shaped to your facial features.

In this case, for the 1st time, a covering color will be applied to the place of your old tattoo, with which we have to wait 4 weeks for it to be nicely pigmented, and after that I will make the new shape, with the appropriate color.

Time: around. 3,5-4 hours

Price:  69.000  Ft 

The prices include the correction within 12 weeks, and the upgrade within 1.5 years is 50% of the full price.

Eyebrow tattoo process

Appointment and consultation for the first time.

With my guests, it is very important to discuss every little detail and information before the big day arrives. That is why it is important to get to know each other during a personal meeting.

Then I assess the skin type, categorize the skin color, and we select the appropriate pigment to harmonize it best. We discuss whether there are any external or internal influencing factors that could prevent the tattoo or affect its durability.

Second time:

1. Photography
I photograph the surface to be tattooed from several angles.

2. Drawing
Creating a symmetrical, beneficial shape, which we improve until it harmonizes for both of us. This process takes approx. 1-1.5 hours.

3. Live Anesthesia
The onset of effectiveness is in 20 minutes.

4. Getting the tattoo done
I make it alternately on both sides, taking care of it with the help of the Rosa Herbal Skin Care product line.

5. Aftercare
When it’s done, you’ll get from me an Rosa Herbal Skin Care After Care Balm special aftercare,

which is made from a combination of 17 medicinal herbs. You need to treat it with this soft balm for 7-10 days, it should be applied in a thin layer to the skin so that it does not have a sauna effect.

Water and direct UV radiation are not allowed for 2 weeks, the beach and wellness are prohibited. No scraping, scratching, any kind of mechanical damage or infection must be avoided.

6. Healing time
The final color takes 4-6 weeks, fades and darkens again, by which time the pigments are perfectly integrated into the skin.

7. Correction
For correction, no sooner than 1 month after your make-up tattoo, max. It should take place in 3 months.

The purpose of the correction is to achieve the desired result that is durable, homogeneous and also in color.

Let's see a specific case study!

Let’s see a specific case study! For Loli’s eyebrow tattoo, as I do with each of my guests, the first step was a consultation in my salon in Kecskemét. It is important to know what your skin type is, and you must be prepared for the characteristics and symptoms associated with it.

You may bleed more on several occasions, and the intensity of pigmentation may vary for some skin types.
There are factors that influence makeup tattooing, we all have to discuss this in person, and there are even 1-2 contraindications. My consultation is completely free and takes about 15 minutes.

All this happened, the day of the tattoo came, together we chose the most suitable color for her dark brown hair and slightly blue undertone skin. It ended up being an NPM Picasso, plus I always assess according to the client’s needs whether they want a finer, powdery ombre eyebrow tattoo, just for a make-up effect, or even a stronger, more spectacular, andante, which is just the beginning delicate, soft and the rest are all strong.
It doesn’t matter how much hair I have available, so that we can create the most ideal shape and strength for them.

Pre-drawing and tattooing

This is followed by a 1-1.5 hour preliminary drawing, which we also look at until the guest says yes. I already knew Loli’s taste well, we quickly agreed when the appropriate drawing was completed.

Many people are afraid of pain, but I’ll tell you, you don’t have to!
I use the best quality Rosa Herbal Skin Care product line developed for make-up tattoos, pre-anesthetize, and continuously anesthetize during work.
I had a guest who thought epilation was more painful, and there was also someone who fell asleep during it.
The process of tattooing also takes 1-1.5 hours, it partly depends on how the skin takes the pigment.

I also have the option of repairing old eyebrow tattoos, but this is even more tied to a personal consultation, since it does not matter how worn it is, and how that shape is compared to my new drawing, whether it covers it or not.
In many cases, I have to recommend laser removal, I can’t immediately start using the powder technique in all cases.

Feel free to apply for a consultation by phone, the prices are still introductory!

Jenni's powder effect tattooed eyebrows

I made a powder eyebrow tattoo for Jenni, where only the front is soft, the rest is more intensely pigmented everywhere.
Since her own was beautiful from the start, she only had to beautify it gently in one or two places.

I adjust the shape of the eyebrow tattoo for each of my guests to their own existing hair. In addition, many things must be taken into account so that the form is the most beneficial for him, this is the first and foremost aspect.
We chose the color together with him, at my suggestion. A beautiful shade, similar to your own hair, will return.

After an eyebrow tattoo, it is very important to emphasize that everything regarding the care advice must be followed 100%. He must have done it that way, because he came back for the correction with nice, even, soft pigmentation.

The healing of a powder eyebrow tattoo is 10-14 days, depending on the skin type. The correction is min. I recommend 4 weeks later, and a maximum of 12 weeks later.

Kriszti's natural-looking tattooed eyebrows

I made an eyebrow tattoo for Kriszti, where only the front is soft, the rest is more pigmented, but it has a very natural effect.

What is the process of an ombre tattoo?
In short, it has three main steps:
1. the preliminary drawing,
2. anesthesia, which is done with a lidocaine cream, and lastly,
The 3rd step is to make the powder eyebrow tattoo itself.


Since his own was almost flawless in terms of form, I didn’t really have to change it during the preliminary drawing, I followed the original curve.

In terms of color, a shade similar to that of my own hair comes back, I always adjust this to the tone of the skin.

I took the photo after correction of the healed state, and here you can clearly see exactly how it should look if the guest complies with every single thing I say.

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