Eyebrow lamination

Eyebrow painting


eyebrow dyes contain more than 70% natural active ingredients and provide intense colors that last up to 6 weeks on the fibers.

By using it, we get more pigmented and brighter shades, and diluting it in different proportions results in many tones, so it can be customized. Eyebrow dye with an innovative formula, which creates style in the world of eyebrow dyeing and shaping.

Time: around 50-60 mins
Price: 3.500 HUF

Eyebrow lamination

Rich effect,
defined and permanent eyebrows

Eyebrow lamination is the latest eyebrow shaping procedure, which works wonders even with the thinnest and most unruly hairs. The result: richer, more defined and longer-lasting eyebrows, for up to 8 weeks!

Time: around 30 mins
Ár: 5.000 HUF
Eyebrow lamination + painting
Time: around 90 mins.
Price: 6.500 HUF

I usually make my makeups according to the ideas of the customer or the guest, and we always discuss it in advance. If you completely entrust yourself to me, I will conjure up a creation for your skin that suits the occasion, your style and your age.
I use quality products and work with a unique technique; these two make my makeup last 24 hours.

Everyday makeup

Daytime makeup gives a general look that I usually use to create a naturally beautiful makeup for weekdays.
This includes proper hydration, foundation, eyebrow shaping, eyeliner and ink, accented with softer shades for a natural effect.
Mascara and lip shaping are also included, which can be more restrained or stronger depending on the guest’s style.

Time: around 30-45 mins.
Price: 7.000 HUF

Casual makeup

Occasional make-up gives a look that can usually be used to achieve a festive, casual effect. This includes proper hydration, foundation, shaping eyebrows, using eyeliner and ink with stronger, more pronounced shades for a more dramatic effect, and finally mascara/false eyelashes and lips, which can be more subdued or stronger depending on the guest’s style.

Time: around 60 mins.
Price: 9.000 HUF

Bridal makeup

For years, my main clientele has been brides, I have to leave them with 0-24 hour makeup, so that they feel their most beautiful all day long, with enough confidence. To do this, we must meet during a make-up trial, which I create according to the latest trends, in accordance with their own personalities.

Bridal make-up gives you a look that can be used to achieve such an effect that the wedding party will match you with bright, angelic, fresh adjectives all day long.
This includes proper hydration, foundation, eyebrow shaping, eyeliner and ink, achieving a stronger, more pronounced but even more natural effect, depending on the bride’s style, and finally mascara/false eyelashes and lips, which can also be more subdued or stronger depending on her style.

What’s extra is that on the big day, I present my brides with a wrinkle-reducing, eye care treatment that has a 48-hour effect. It almost completely eliminates all traces of fatigue.

There is also free champagne for every price, so it is highly recommended that you arrive with a driver that day! 🙂

Time: around 60-75 mins.

Price: 16.000 HUF

Makeup consultation

The daytime makeup, with the help of which we can simply feel more confident.

First of all, we will see what color type you belong to and talk about it. Next, we take the necessary raw materials and supplies, from brushes to cleaning agents. You can find out what shade of foundation to use, how to try it and what brush to apply it. You will do your own makeup, I will show you step by step on one side and you will finish the other side.
You don’t need to bring anything, the tools and materials are provided. I only deal with you throughout the consultation.

What exactly does it contain?
– foundation
– eyebrow shaping
– shaping the face, using blush
– use of lipstick
– fixation

Time: max. 2 hours
Price: 14.000 HUF


Specializing in eye care, this unique pair results in a fresh and alert look. LumiSpa, the perfect complement to the award-winning device; the LumiSpa Accent Head with a silicone tip treats even hard-to-reach areas while gently exfoliating and invigorating the sensitive skin around the eyes. When used in conjunction with IdealEyes Eye Care, it reduces under-eye circles and puffiness while tightening the skin and visibly lifting the eyelids.

The LumiSpa Two-Sense Motion technology, the silicone head works together with the facial cleanser to remove dirt, impurities, grease and make-up to prevent skin aging and promote a youthful glow.