Bridal makeup

I usually create my bridal make-up according to the guest’s ideas, and we always discuss this in advance during the trial make-up. If you trust me completely, I will create a creation that suits your type, style, and age, taking into account your bridal bouquet and decor.

I only use quality products and work with a unique technique, these two give my make-up 24-hour durability.

Bridal makeup

For years, my main clientele has been brides, I have to let them go with 24-hour makeup, so that they feel their most beautiful all day long, with enough confidence. To do this, we must meet during a make-up trial, which I create according to the latest trends, in accordance with their own personalities.

Bridal make-up gives you a look that can be used to achieve such an effect that the wedding party will match you with bright, angelic, fresh adjectives all day long.

This includes proper hydration, foundation, eyebrow shaping, eyeliner and ink, achieving a stronger, more pronounced but even more natural effect, depending on the bride’s style, and finally mascara / false eyelashes and lips, which can also be more subdued or stronger depending on her style.

What’s extra is that on the big day, I present my brides with a wrinkle-reducing, eye care treatment that has a 48-hour effect. It almost completely eliminates all traces of fatigue.

Time: around. 60-75 mins.

Price: 16.000 Ft (test)
      16.000 Ft (The Big day)


Orsi is also a very dear friend of ours, so I was lucky to be there on his big day as an invited guest.

During the trial wedding makeup, we discussed that she would like her eyes to be more accentuated, and that she also likes bright lipstick for everyday use, so I recommended that we boldly apply it.

I love it when a snow-white or ecru dress is really enhanced by accent lipstick.

A wedding makeup lipstick should still be very atrocious, which is why I chose Nu Skin Power Lips Fluid Roar shade.

What is true about this lipstick is that it is a very powerful, intense, long-lasting color.

I can find the right shade for every outfit, look and event. Powerlips Fluid is made from a highly effective, lightweight formula. It makes your lips fluffy, smooth and even. It gives the wearer an emphatic look, and it doesn’t leave a mark or smudge, I watched this with my own two eyes, after the ceremony I added a little ice cream to the scene, but only because there was a creative photo shoot, and of course I looked at it as a guest, but that’s it. around 6, so it still brought the top quality. It is made using avocado oil and vitamin E, which ensures that the lips are not only irresistible, but also comfortably soft.

From the 18 shades with matte and metallic shine, we can choose the right one for every wedding makeup.


Specializing in eye care, this unique pair results in a fresh and alert look. LumiSpa, the perfect complement to the award-winning device; the LumiSpa Accent Head with a silicone tip treats even hard-to-reach areas while gently exfoliating and invigorating the sensitive skin around the eyes. When used in conjunction with IdealEyes Eye Care, it reduces under-eye circles and puffiness while tightening the skin and visibly lifting the eyelids.

The LumiSpa Two-Sense Motion technology, the silicone head works together with the facial cleanser to remove dirt, impurities, grease and make-up to prevent skin aging and promote a youthful glow.